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Institute of Innovation in Organizational Development and Society




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International Institute of Innovation in Organizational Development and Society 

Our global, complex, and inter-connected societies bring us new opportunities in social and organizational innovation allowing public services to get forward in effectiveness, cost-efficiency, and social well-being.  To do so we need to learn about and share experiences from different fields, cities, and countries more than ever.


InNODS bases its activities in a wide group of experts from different institutions, disciplines, and countries, with a deep research background and experience in innovative successful projects.  This allows us to approach present challenges in our complex societies with shared reflection and creativity.




Inter-organizational development, community governance, optimal arrangement of local resources, the connection with shared resources through international collaboration, inter-agency teams and methodologies of coordination and information, collaborative leadership, intra- and inter-community value chains and networks between local and international levels, are key concepts of models that may place institutions in the cutting edge of innovation as referents of organizational management.